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07 November 2017 @ 09:59 pm
WWE Live Glasgow November 2017  
Here is my official fangirling post about my very first WWE live show attendance!

The pictures are courtesy of Russell and I have kind of cropped and resized them on purpose so that if he wants, he can still meaningfully share the pics in better quality elsewhere. LOL

I think the only match I'm not commenting on at all is the cruiserweight one, which is sad because cruiserweights are supposed to be ideal for me. The faster the action and the more flying about a match involves the more I enjoy it, and cruiserweights tend to do this a lot. But they kind of ruined things for me when they moved Enzo Amore over and suddenly he's like the face of the CWs? It really sucks LOL.

So the very first match-up was Asuka ~The Empress of Tomorrow~ and Mickie James, which was awesome because on RAW they seem to be currently putting Asuka against nobodies (wth) and Mickie James was already active around the time I first started watching WWE, so it was sort of a new legend versus an experienced legend kind of thing. Very cool. Asuka took the win :3

One of my favourite douchebags and the most stylish one, THE MIZ. He dresses like a dark jedi, bless him. He's the dude who's like "uh, this match isn't starting until I take off my sunglasses and robe", then slooooowly starts to disrobe, pulls it back up, sloooowwwly pulls it down again... x'D The audience is booing and I'm just laughing because I find the over-the-top heels hilarious. Yaaasss


"Who wants to walk with Elias?"
I... I kind of want to, now. Idec. He put his hair in a bun. Shut up.

I've been kind of okay about Jason Jordan until now (also I've had trouble remembering his name because it's somehow too simple), but for some reason when his entrance music came on I got really pumped. He did great in the ring and afterwards stayed a while longer than others to interact with the audience, which was really cool. Also, check out that damn physique. WHAT. It's not my usual type, but I'm not gonna claim it's not impressive.

Mentioning Pete Dunne, the UK champ, whom I had only seen wrestle once before, because he's entertaining and thus great. He was wrestling against a Scottish guy and so got booed. But Dunne was just shrugging mockingly to the audience, since he won - haha what a troll. He seems nuts in a good way. Kind of want to see more of him.

The Clash of the Titans?
It was great to see Kane (on the right) because he was also active when I first started watching. But Braun Strowman surprised me by really letting the audience pat him (lol) after the match; it's not like he broke character, but he took his time to get out, so it seems he really is supposed to be kinda likeable to the audience despite the fact that he's teamed up with heels in the past and has been matched up against (and "destroying") lots of babyfaces. I don't typically like the kind of wrestlers who are about brute strength, but Strowman can do pretty decent promos and he has been involved in some pretty extreme stuff recently and... yeah. And I kind of like that he kind of equally wants to destroy everything and everyone and isn't only about going after good guys rofl. Dude just has a lotta anger. I'm not a FAN, but when it comes to big monstrous wrestlers, I think he's among the best ones for me.


I admit Sasha Banks was rather eye catching with the purple hair, though.

FINN BALOR. This guy is ridiculous. It's kind of weird tho. He has a great entrance, he looks amazing, his wrestling style is super entertaining and you can see how passionate he is, but I still feel like he's not a TOP top favourite for me. Is he just too perfect? Who knows~ ...... COME TO THINK OF IT, I'd probably love him as a heel. HA HA. I'm a sucker for heels apparently.

MY BOYS CESARO AND SHEAMUS. I WAS SO HYPED. I WAS WORRIED THEY WOULDN'T BE THERE SOMEHOW. AND THEN THEY WERE. Idk. They are probably my current favs. I love their chemistry, everything they get up to in the ring is entertaining, they're just great. I wanted to have their t-shirt, but it wasn't yet out in the UK or something so I couldn't buy it. So annoying.

Ok, Cesaro and Sheamus were in the last match, but my last photos will be of their opponents because all of this was so entertaining and fan service-y.

So The Shield was a man down because of Roman Reigns's sickness, and here is Seth Rollins calling out someone to join him and Dean Ambrose. Ofc, he called someone whom he has a very complex history with. Who? (WHO? Who? WHO?) Seth is questioning his life choices right there.

Triple H in all his spitting glory.

Triple H like, "do I wear the team outfit? What y'all think?" Audience: "YES YES YES YES"

Aww, is a happy family. Shield buddies!

So yeah, this event was all fan service so obviously The Shield feat. Triple H won and Cesaro had to be carried out by Sheamus. lol ...Oh yeah, Cesaro and Sheamus teamed up with Bray Wyatt. He's a weird dude. It kind of says something about how packed the last match was when I *forget* to mention Bray Wyatt who is not all that forgettable. LOL

But here is Seth Rollins looking casually godlike. I actually haven't been that much into The Shield - I think when they were doing their most interesting stuff was the time when I was taking a break from watching WWE. But I think I'm feeling it now.


So that's it. It was great fun and lulzy and amazing, I love or like just about everyone, and I think I might be a bigger fan from now, at least for a while.