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08 May 2017 @ 10:35 pm
The "why I enjoy WWE" post  

This is my self-reflective post on why I enjoy prowrestling/sports entertainment/basically WWE. Interestingly enough, some of the reasons why people make fun of it or think it's lame are the very reasons why I like it. Mostly I am doing this for fun ♥


Yes, prowrestling is 'fake' in the sense that the outcomes of matches are scripted, the wrestlers are putting on a role in the ring (which some describe as exaggerating aspects about yourself) instead of saying and doing things in the ring that they would as ordinary, everyday people. Wrestlers don't win matches purely because they are the most skilled, but because someone decided that this is good for their storyline at this moment in time.

This is actually very attractive to me, because I am not at all interested in competition the way it happens in sports traditionally. I'm not interested in finding out who is 'the best'. I actually find that incredibly boring. I'm more interested in performative aspects and battles of charisma.

With that being said, the athleticism of the wrestlers is certainly not fake. I don't think it can be emphasized enough in words that it takes a tremendous amount of hard work, practice, pain, and enduring injuries to make it as a pro wrestler. My favourite kinds of wrestlers when it comes to ring skills are the ones who are fast and agile and at times seem to fly around the ring; the ones who almost seem to use the ring and their opponent to perform parkour, playing off what is available to them in creative ways, flipping in the air, etc. That kind of stuff isn't just physically demanding, but is also risky. It can be rather thrilling to watch. With that being said, I'm going to admit there are a lot of matches I don't watch because there isn't enough of interest for me happening. I tend to particularly hate matches with slow, big guys demonstrating their strength. Oh god, it bores me to death. But all the same, the athleticism is there!

Another fun aspect about the fakeness, though, is that it makes match-ups that would be otherwise unrealistic possible. There's a reason why all 'real' competitive wrestling or fighting sports have weight classes. Competition of that sort must be fair. But because WWE is scripted, size difference is not a limiting factor and you get some amusing pairings and David and Goliath type match-ups that could not exist elsewhere. As in, it is actually WWE's strength that it is, at times, unrealistic. The underdog doesn't always win, but when s/he does, it's amazing and usually takes interesting strategies to happen...

"Oop sorry, changed my mind, not gonna annoy the powerhouse"

With that being said, there kind of is a special class now in WWE, the cruiserweights, who do exactly the kind of wrestling that I like best. Haha. Best of both worlds?


I'm not sure if gimmicky is the right word, but basically I'm talking about the exaggerated characters, the tropes and stereotypes that come to exist in WWE. There's something comforting in the fact that certain popular types of wrestlers never go away, such as the rebellious, but likeable young male wrestlers, like currently Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (who also has a very strong comedic personality). But if we are talking gimmicks, there have been countless gimmicky wrestlers and tag teams in WWE that on paper should never work, but somehow... Somehow they become embraced.

I mean... For a somewhat recent example, this is The New Day. Unicorns, pink, cereal, ... Things. And everyone came to love them.

And well, even people who have never been into WWE have probably heard of The Undertaker. But when you think about it, that's a pretty damn weird gimmick.


Fireworks, blasting entrance themes, everything's kind of done with a bang, but it's the crowd that makes WWE what it is.

Here's a moment when the crowd starts chanting the name of a wrestler they love, but who hasn't been receiving the opportunities that usually come easily to wrestlers with such popularity. It's simultaneously defiance towards those in charge and support for the wrestler:

(The "yes" chant is also this wrestler's trademark, so it's very much about and for him)

Something that has been noted generally in fan studies is most definitely true with WWE: you can't control the audience. You can't force them to like or hate wrestlers. Especially recently there have been quite a few so-called 'good guys' (faces) who get booed, and 'bad guys' (heels) who get cheered, which is interesting. Of course, there are plenty of other interactions that the audience has with wrestlers that are fun. My favourites tend to concern heels because it's fun to see them try to tell the crowd to shut up, every time 8) ~easily pleased~


Ah some entrances/entrance themes are just so good, they get me pumped every time. These are the times when wrestlers get to really show off their charisma. And it's so difficult to choose just a few videos, jeez.

He's been in Smackdown for a very short time, but Shinsuke Nakamura totally has the awesomest entrance theme song:

(the violinist was only there for his first Smackdown appearance, but the song is still cool even without)

Then of course, my current crush, hubbahubba, Finn Bálor, whose entrance is very cool:

I actually don't remember the last time I had a crush on a wrestler. They are so not my type generally. I'm not really drawn to muscles. Very much. I can tolerate them... What I'm trying to say is that Finn Bálor is special x'D

"Check out my wares"

Bonus! Cute:

When it comes to the women, Naomi's entrance easily takes the cake:


My current favourite female wrestler is a heel, so her role is to be quite obnoxious and rude... But she is hilarious and excellent at her role, which makes her awesome. She is also around the same height as me and still kicking butt, so...

Many of my other current favourites are also heels: The Miz and Maryse, Charlotte (who might be about to turn face by working with wrestlers who are already 'good guys'?). They bring the lulz. I also love that, even if a lot of the time heels get lines that on purpose include ridiculous claims, sometimes their criticisms of the so-called good guys actually have a hint of truth to them. It's really weird then to listen to the crowd boo while thinking to myself "well, actually..." x'D


Last but not least, there are always dudes on the side doing live commentary that, at best, is freaking hilarious. There tends to be always one commentator who is rooting for the heels and says ridiculous (and funny for that reason) stuff, trying to justify the heel acting like a coward, etc. Because they're not meant to be taken 100% seriously, and because they also tell jokes, it may be easy to overlook the fact that the commentators are incredibly professional. They know when to shut up and just let the viewers take in what's happening, and they very much create the tone of whatever is going on to the television viewers. When something unexpected happens, it's their job to, in the narrative sense, keep things under control and provide an explanation for what is happening. They follow very strict guidelines on what they can and can't say (I saw a scanned copy once online; this stuff is also not supposed to be public), which only makes the moments of improvisation more impressive. Just like the wrestlers in the ring, they have a very important role to play.

And you know, having grown up in a household where sports were watched on TV, there is something very comforting and familiar about the sound of such commentary even if it's in a different language. It's a very recognizable sound world, a commentator either quite neutrally providing information or getting excited about what's happening. That's why it can be soothing to just have wrestling on in the background even if I can't actively watch it.

ARE WE DONE YET?! I believe these are the main reasons why I enjoy this stuff! To some extent. There are weeks when I just don't have time to catch up... And currently RAW has just about all my favourites, so watching Smackdown seems a bit of a chore. I literally tuned in this week solely for Charlotte. But even if there are sometimes longer breaks, it's so easy to get back in and enjoy it! The pro wrestling world changes all the time and yet stays the same.