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28 March 2015 @ 01:12 pm
Celebrity Crush History!  
This was inspired by twissie who once made a similar post. However, because I've had a ton of celebrity crushes and I am not one to limit my babbling content, my list will be significantly longer. And still there are some people missing from here, too.

Men and women included! I have no limits! I've also tried to put them in chronological order by placing them in age groups that somewhat reflect my 'progression'.

(As you may be able to see, it has taken me six months to complete this post. I do not kid around with my LJ post projects.)

As a wee child

I remember standing next to a book shelf as a kid and kissing it pretending it was Zorro. HOW THIRSTY. He must have been very charismatic.

Jane Seymour (Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman)
Did I consciously have a crush on a lady as a kid? No, but I remember thinking that she was really pretty and had the prettiest hair ever and I was certainly more interested in her than her male love interest on the show. 8) So I count her as a childhood crush.

As a sidenote: Why did the title of this show need to have "medicine woman" added to it??

Michael Jackson
SHUT UP I WAS A KID! You could say Michael Jackson was my first music discovery, thanks to a childhood friend's mom of all things; I was there for a sleepover, MTV had a Michael Jackson special weekend on, and we spent the night watching his videos. So of course as a kid I would develop a crush on him, because kids are weird.

Age 10 - 13

Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic)
I don't even need to explain this one. How was he so dreamy that all the ladies went boinkers about him?
I am no longer attracted to him. My feelings towards him are a little conflicted because he represents a lot of things I don't like about Hollywood, but at the same time there's something endearing about the way he carries himself (when not acting) and I guess I shouldn't hate a player for playing the game. But yeah, our love story ended a looong time ago.

Taylor Hanson (Hanson)
I used to think at the time that he was the "perfect age" for me (two years older) XD I guess I didn't have that many crushes around my own age then, so Taylor was a bit of an exception... You could make jokes about him looking like a girl, but I definitely viewed him as a guy. A pretty guy, but still a guy. 8)

Age 13 - 16 (yläaste)

Dylan McDermott (Bobby Donnell, The Practice)
My first "manly man in a suit" crush? To be fair, he was awfully handsome. He hasn't changed much since, but my taste appears to have, since he doesn't do it for me anymore.

Scott (5ive)
At age 13 I was very much into 5ive, so of course I had to have a crush on one of them. According to my old notes from the day Scott was my favourite, but I remember liking J as well. I had some story in my head about going snowboarding with 5ive, which is kind of sweet and not the weirdest stuff I have come up with.

Paul Rudd (Clueless)
Paul Rudd in Clueless is like Leo DiCaprio in Titanic. Few can resist his charm, and he's still cute!
Jesus, those eyes.

Vincent Ventresca (Darien Fawkes, The Invisible Man)
He was pretty fit. Plus he had brown eyes and a lot of hair. I dunno. I think his character's personality is ultimately why I liked him - a good bad boy with a sarcastic sense of humour, if I recall correctly. Totally the type of stuff that works on a teenaged girl.

SOMEONE (Dawson's Creek)
My notes from my teen days are so confusing because I have listed James Van Der Beek as a crush on one notebook, but I have zero memory of liking him, and I found a diary entry where I am dissing Dawson. I had also written 'Pacey' down, but had later crossed over it at some point - without crossing over James Van Der Beek! Which is crazy because everyone knows Pacey beats Dawson! However, the one I actually *remember* liking is Kerr Smith as Jack, Jen's best friend and Andy's brother, who then came out of the closet oop. But he was beautiful and sensitive and smart and a great friend. Amazing crush material.

So I have no idea WHOM I truly had a crush on, but I did have a crush on SOMEONE. My favourite character was absolutely Jen, but I didn't have a crush on her. Dawson's Creek is apparently super complex.

Eero Valorinta (Tyrävyö)
At the ripe age of 14-15 I had this period when I was getting into Finnish rock music and I suppose Eero's boyish charm was the perfect middle ground between, er, Hanson/5ive and rock. Somehow this is the crush that embarrasses me the most.

Christopher Gorham (Harrison, Popular)
Harrison was the totally cute 'unpopular' guy on Popular who I bet was written for all the teen girls to fall in love with in that "DON'T WORRY HARRISON, I LOVE YOU EVEN IF THOSE POPULAR GIRLS DON'T" kind of way. I fell for it! I still probably would. Ok, I still do. Oh Harrison John. Fun fact: after doing Popular, Christopher Gorham got super buff.

Orlando Bloom (Legolas, Lord of the Rings trilogy)
Before I saw the first LOTR movie my brother told me that Legolas was the one that Tolkien fans were predicting would become the teen fan girl favourite. And I was like "haha yeah those silly fan girls" in my head. And then I became a silly fan girl. He was just so pretty and elvish~~~. But he mostly only ever did it to me as Legolas (this doesn't seem to be a rare experience).

Age 16 - 19 (lukio)

Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins)
Probably one of my weirdest crushes, and unfortunate considering he's rather nuts. I think it was his voice and music that lured me in more than his looks, though of course I also found him attractive because I had a crush on him. Not anymore. Bwaha.

Terhi Kokkonen (Ultra Bra, Scandinavian Music Group)
Terhi was the first female celebrity crush that made me realize that I also like ladies, and it's rather strange that this honour goes to a Finnish singer rather than an American actress, since the odds were very slim for the former. But yes, I thought Terhi was dreamy.

And no, I didn't really tell anyone. It wasn't even a conscious decision not to tell, but I think in the end it boiled down to "I don't want to/need to talk about it". In the end it feels like opening up a conversation about it would serve others more than it would serve me (since I don't feel the need to discuss it), so why should I have to do it? So others can put me in some box or category when even I don't know which one is the right one? I don't think I owe that to anyone. And I certainly don't want people to treat me differently for it, or think it somehow changes my personality or interests in life. So, end of.

Poppy Montgomery (Sam, Without A Trace)
Samantha Spade, oh lawdy lawd. Her chest would bounce when she sat in a chair. I remember this vividly. I found her blonde hair and pretty eyes so lovely. At some point she sadly started messing with her face and started looking a bit unnatural, so we parted ways. But those early seasons of Without A Trace, hubba hubba!

Mandana Jones (Nikki, Bad Girls)
She's the first low/husky-voiced lady on my list who also portrayed a lesbian character Nikki on Bad Girls. As a character she was someone strong who stood up for what she believed in and was tangled in a forbidden love story line, and ugh so irresistible. I think the timing of this show was perfect for me, haha.

Maura Tierney (Abby, ER)
Maura Tierney is and has always been a dream. And I love Abby.

Kou Shibasaki (Mitsuko, Battle Royale)
I actually don't know if I had a crush on her already after BR; I think it may have been only after I saw Good Luck. But I was enchanted by her beauty, charisma and voice for sure. I think what speaks of her charisma and acting talent is that even if I seriously love her voice (she is also a singer), one of the first dramas I saw her in was Orange Days, in which she plays a deaf violinist who doesn't speak at all - and I loved it and loved her.

Lena Katina (tATu)
I thought she was as pretty as a doll.

Age 19 - 25 (most of uni years)
Apparently I had a lot of time for celeb crushes. Probably from the GENERAL EMPTINESS in my life otherwise, haha.

Yuko Nakazawa, Natsumi Abe, Maki Goto, Miki Fujimoto, Hitomi Yoshizawa (Hello! Project)
Back when I got into Morning Musume and Hello! Project they actually still had ladies my own age and older. Crazy stuff. I quickly proceeded to have a crush on several, and they all had their unique charms:

Yuuchan was a honey-voiced 30something confident boss. Some might have (jokingly?) called her scary or intimidating, but her confidence was sexy and she stood out among all the girls that were several years or over a decade younger than her.

Nacchi was my favourite for several years and I actually first got a crush on her in Pinch Runner, the horrible movie that Morning Musume did. Her character had a deaf mother and so Nacchi used sign language, and I suppose she acted well enough to be attractive in her role to me. Shortly after I became a fan she starred in a drama series playing a blind pianist (seriously, Japan, your obsession with disabilities) which also strongly influenced my crush. Kind of interesting that even in the case of a pop idol it was the acting that contributed significantly to my crush... Now, however, I have just about no interest in her, and bumping into her at H!P related discussions is awkward in a sort of ex-girlfriend way. It's like everything that used to charm me about her no longer does anything for me. I don't even feel like I know anything about her personality even after all those hours I spent staring at her, it is the strangest thing. I feel like this was a really weird period and crush for me haha.

Maki Goto was another H!P member who did some acting and was good at it, but was also a very talented solo performer and could rock a bikini. I pretty much had a crush on her all the way until she boosted her boobs.

Mikitty had a great voice and was kind of known for not giving a fuck, which made her hot in that bad girl kind of way. Also, her close hands-on friendship with Ayaya and other members sort of influenced this gay vibe about her. Of course now she is married with children.

Yossi was the official 'tomboy' with her low voice and a more boyish style, which I'm still not sure was her own idea or all image because I think she has dressed more femininely when she's had more freedom of choice. Anyway. Yossi has and had a TON of fan girls, straight and gay, basically if you were a female fan of Morning Musume it was likely that she made some part of you tingle. She wasn't like a number one crush for me at any point, but I certainly couldn't escape her charm, either. She was just so cool and relaxed but had a great sense of humour and wasn't afraid to act silly, and this was combined with the husky voice and a beautiful face. Very attractive.

Sean Bean (Boromir, Lord of the Rings)
It was time for Legolas to move aside. There was a period I watched everything I could find with Sean Bean in it. I think he has an incredible voice, but I haven't been attracted to him since around when Game of Thrones started, for unknown reasons. Haha. I'd still hit Boromir though. Something about his misguided passion (the Ring toying with his mind) makes him so hot. LOL

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn, Lord of the Rings)
I mean it was tough for me to crush on Aragorn that severely because I thought of him as "taken" (haha) but Viggo Mortensen is so fine and this is where it started.

Parminder Nagra (Neela Rasgotra, ER)
Not sure when I actually started crushing on her, but I have diary entries from around this time where I talk about how cute Neela is with her never ending pouting.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Infernal Affairs)
This man has over and over again topped my personal hottest men ranking. He is charismatic and perfect in every role; this was only the first film where I saw him. His face has this boyish charm but without losing that sexy masculinity. Not sure how to explain, but he is so fine.

Tomohisa Yamashita (AKIRA, Nobuta wo Produce)
According to my journal entry from the time, I was simultaneously annoyed by his character and attracted to him. He is (or was?) a boyband member so I always thought my crush was kind of funny and silly, which in a way made it more fun.

Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ken Leung (Lost)
Lost was ridiculous. I think the reason why it was possible for me to have a crush on so many characters on this show is because so many of the characters were well-developed and complex and had a lot of screen-time. I didn't even include everyone here.

Evangeline Lilly is simply gorgeous. Her beauty makes the Hobbit films worth enduring through. Kind of. Almost. Okay I'm not watching the last one unless I'm paid or someone puts it play in front of me and I don't need to put in any effort. But Evangeline Lilly is gorgeous and lovely. I don't think I had a crush on Kate specifically, but Evie yes.

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) was that bad boy character that is easy for a good girl to fall for. So hot.

Sayid (Naveen Andrews) was just so unf pretty. With some added delicious darkness of character.

With Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) it must have been the accent and maybe the love story with Penny - his character, iirc, was kind of nuts on the island.

Ken Leung as Miles was somehow super likable to me and it developed into a crush. Miles was snarky, had some depth to him, but wasn't as messed up as most other guys on the show. I still love it if I randomly bump into Ken Leung somewhere. Also, with Miles there actually would have been a chance of getting out of that place and still having a somewhat normal life. Everyone else, too goddamn fucked up or fucked over. LOL. I've clearly thought this through.

Lee Tergesen; Eamonn Walker (Tobias Beecher; Kareem Saïd, OZ)
Should these crushes be cause for worry? OZ was uhum... Let's just say that awful things happened to Tobias Beecher, and awful things were done by Tobias Beecher. Maybe Lee Tergesen in this role was just so charismatic that I had a crush on him? Kareem Saïd was also charismatic as fuck, unf unf... I also had crushes on O'Reily and Alvarez. Anyway IT'S NOT HEALTHY TO HAVE CRUSHES ON CHARACTERS ON A SHOW LIKE OZ, WTF!

James McAvoy (Wanted; picture from Atonement)
When The Atonement came out, all the ladies at ONTD (ohnotheydidnt) were going crazy over this new ~prince~ James McAvoy. I took interest in him because of all the gifs, watched an interview and found him super charming. However, it was Wanted where I first saw him in action, and it's odd to list that as where I "got into him" because the film as a whole is not memorable to me at all. Out of everything I've seen him in, that film was likely the weakest. But he's a great actor, very charismatic and cute and has a lovely personality to boot. And that Scottish accent. What's not to love?

Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Reid, Criminal Minds)
Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds is a super nerd - that socially awkward, highly intelligent and oh so adorable and pretty Dr. Reid. I also came to like MGG the actor because he seemed like a super sweet and random and quirky guy. But he continues to hang out with Terry Richardson who is shady as FUCK, and my morals would tell me not to spend time with someone like that, so to me it's shady as fuck that MGG chooses to. Like there must be something wrong with him if a) he thinks it's okay that his buddy takes advantage of his power position as a famous photographer to sexually molest inexperienced models, or b) he chooses not to believe the many, many women who have told such tales, meaning he's one of those people who'd rather turn a blind eye and defend his buddy than believe he might actually be capable of doing something horrible. So either way he's fucked up. Going through his pics on google did nothing for me anymore. Oop.

Ai Takahashi (Morning Musume)
Aichan is the sexiest performer Momusu has ever had (dancing, singing, expressions all down) so I guess it was only a matter of time I'd become attracted to her, too. It was considerably later than the other H!P ladies, however, so I've listed her separately.

Alexander Skarsgård (Generation Kill)
I can't believe I originally forgot to include GK from my TV show ranking; it's rather brilliant. Anyway. Alexander Skarsgård is FIIIIINE in it. I still like him in interviews, but I'm mainly waiting for another interesting project for him to pop up.

Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham, Fringe)
I think I initially found Olivia a bit dull (the show starts a bit slow, imo), but I kept watching and she turned out to be dreamy. Olivia as a person is strong, smart, warm and approachable, and when you combine it with Anna's husky assuring voice and beauty, how is she anything but a dream?

Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan, Dexter)
Debra's way of swearing like a sailor and embarrassing herself at work as a cop at the beginning was cute as fuck. Her character grew and changed a lot, and in every form was attractive to me. Jennifer Carpenter has the most beautiful eyes and is talented and I want to see her on a better TV show soon.

Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss, Criminal Minds)
Emily had a lovely sense of humour on top of being smart and strong, and those almost black dark brown eyes are just ah. I also love Paget's voice.

Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects)
I am ASSUMING that this is where I got a crush on Gabriel Byrne, since I saw The Usual Suspects some time during my uni years and it quickly became one of my favourite movies and I've even seen it more than once (this is rare for me). But he was also in The Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DiCaprio, which I saw as a wee teen, and I wonder if I already liked him there and it just never clicked with me until later (because I was so young then and it was more 'appropriate' to be into Leo). Kind of like how I was first into Legolas before moving on to Boromir and Aragorn! Either way, this man is somehow fascinating to me in his roles. Something about the way he talks, and is. (I've also had a thing for Kevin Spacey for the same reasons.)

Age 25 - present 30
There could be a whole lot more of these, since they are fresh in my mind. Ellen Page comes to mind... But yeah. People people people.

Peter Dinklage (Finbar McBride, The Station Agent; Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones)
I started reading the Song of Ice and Fire books before the series started, back when they were casting the show; people were talking about it on ONTD (ohnotheydidnt) and I got curious about it. So I read the books and fell in love with Tyrion, and since he was going to be portrayed by Peter Dinklage, I decided to check out his previous work. And ughhhh, okay first of all The Station Agent is now one of my favourite films. It's the type of film that provides a window into the life of a random mix of people - nothing epic happens, it's just life, and it's so intriguing and beautiful. Anyway. Peter is so great and charismatic in this, what can a poor defenseless lady viewer do but have a crush? Him as Tyrion has mostly only strengthened the crush, but yeah, I'm not watching the show anymore.

Jiyeon Park (T-ara)
I first started liking her from her appearance on this Korean variety show Running Man (before that, I actually thought she was ugly. LOL). As cute as Jiyeon can be, her charm must in the end lie in her 'bad girl' image started by her early-career, largely buried real-life scandal (the details of which I'd rather not repeat) and then continued by her being the youngest, spoiled member of T-ara, having the role of bitchy Rian on Dream High 2, and then being a villain on T-ara's Day By Day music video. She does pull it off so well. I don't know how sweet or horrid she actually is in person, but pop idols are all image game anyway. I don't have as much interest in her as I did at one point, but I still think she's gorgeous and has some real talent in acting, so I wish she has a long career even if all these scandals keep coming her way, haha.

Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
Gain is one of those women that even straight girls are sometimes attracted to. She does sexy so well. She's an amazing singer with a husky honeyed voice and just oozes sexiness (and cuteness, too). For me, as for many others, Abracadabra was the first Brown Eyed Girls music video that really caught my eye, and well... It is hot. Gain is great. In addition to BEG, her solo stuff, especially Irreversible and Bloom, are worth checking out.

Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad)
We get to see Jesse vulnerable and honest and raw, and with Aaron's husky voice and pretty eyes, well, what can a lady do?

Tim Dormer (Big Brother Australia)
SINCE WE'RE BEING COMPREHENSIVE... This crush is very weird to add here because Tim isn't an actor, idol or singer, but known mainly for his personality. Tim is the type of person I would have normally hated - loud, craves attention and will do anything to get it, does pranks, all that stuff that is terrifying to someone who likes things to be chill and quiet. In some ways he reminded me of a male childhood friend whom I've since come to consider a pathological liar and not a real friend at all - he shared the loudness and attention-loving and lying for the lulz with Tim. But Tim is the first super-extrovert person who sort of came to show me that a person who has these qualities isn't necessarily purely a selfish asshole. More like "easily bored". I learned that he was smart and that I shared some important views with him and that there are people (and animals!) that he genuinely cares about, all things that made it easier for me to connect with someone that I would have initially thought I have nothing in common with. He was (is) also incredibly entertaining. Somehow all of that then turned into a celeb crush. Now it's been almost two years since he was on the show and I can't seem to quit him, thank you based social media. I even sent him a letter, which he liked, so woop woop. It's kind of hard to keep up with all things Australian so I don't know for how long this will keep up, but Tim with his fantastic hair has most definitely been a thing and is still a thing.

Ruth Wilson (Alison, The Affair)
My most recent female crush, I suppose? Ruth Wilson as Alison on The Affair is so engaging and fascinating and melancholy that I find myself completely enticed by her, ha ha. She's been great in other roles, too, but Alison is so complex.

Charlie Cox (Owen, Boardwalk Empire; Matthew, Daredevil)
Back when Mr. Cox was on Boardwalk Empire I remember calling him Prince Owen and finding him quite visually pleasing, but somehow after that I forgot about him and it was only when Daredevil started happening that I remembered him again. Now there is no going back. I think what makes him most attractive to me is that he has kind eyes. OH it sounds so silly! But some people just have this extra warm sparkle in their eyes, and that's Charlie Cox. Oh, it's so irresistible. It doesn't hurt that he seems like a genuinely sweet person. So yes. My most recent notable male celeb crush.

All in all I think it's a fun mix of people. Do I need to finish this post somehow? Uh... Celeb crushes are awesome!
anko_kunanko_kun on September 18th, 2015 10:23 pm (UTC)

You know what's great about this post is that we've been friends for so long that I remember you talking about so many of these people XD and there's even some surprises, like "ohhh so that's why she talked about them so much" plus the ones from before we knew each other that you never mentioned before XD

And ALSO!! when I was a kid I also had a crush on Jane Seymour, as much as a kid could have, you know XD
Sari: ga-in unfshirenu on September 19th, 2015 11:06 am (UTC)
8)))) werd
I'd like to think there are some I haven't babbled about a ton, but let's be real, I probably can't hide this stuff. Which ones did I talk about a lot that you didn't realize before were crushes??? I'm curious about this!

I think Jane Seymour was the perfect crush for a little kid! XD She was like a grown up princess!
Tove :)twissie on September 22nd, 2015 06:54 pm (UTC)
This list is epic! Your memory is superior to mine... XD I went through my list again, but it remains the same. I can't think of anyone else D:

Lol, Gabriel Byrne plays the bad guy in Haakon Haakonsen. It was one of my favourite films as a kid, and I am completely unable to see him as anything but a scary pirate ^^;;;;
Sari: ga-in unfshirenu on September 22nd, 2015 07:18 pm (UTC)
Haa! I actually did not merely rely on my memory! In my teens I kept these notebooks where I wrote important things like which bands I'm liking etc. so I dug up some names from there, and then I went through my old journals - and many of my old LJ entries XD MY CELEB INTERESTS ARE WAY TOO WELL DOCUMENTED
Tove :)twissie on September 22nd, 2015 08:09 pm (UTC)
Basically you had a tumblr long before tumblr was a thing :P

My old journals are just filled with day babbles, records of stories I made up to be able to stay home from school, and school rumours .................. xD;;;;;