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15 June 2019 @ 09:24 pm

Basically every time I write a self-coaching related post in here, what I write becomes outdated really fast because I'm a constant work in progress...

I'm no longer into Heal Your Living on YouTube because I lost the feeling of authenticity while watching the videos and reading the comments. Not going to go into detail because it's not really that important.

I found another minimalist I quite like on YouTube: A Small Wardrobe. I especially liked her video on "fantasy self": in minimalism, fantasy self is usually seen as a negative concept that makes people buy stuff they don't really need. But she also pointed out that a fantasy self can give you goals, so that you can become more aligned with your 'dream self'. I always like approaches that leave you room to decide what makes sense for you. And also, love her pointing out how some of us have closets with clothes for 3-4 different people instead of just.. ourselves. You know, the me who "goes to bars", the me who "is an intellectual", the me who "is a cute Japanese pop idol" .... ... OK the last one may not apply to everyone, BUT the point is, our clothes aren't necessarily reflecting who we are but who we think we might be some day or should be... This helped it clarify even further what clothes were really the person who I am and the person I may have thought I was at some point, but aren't really.

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