May 22nd, 2019



Self-help activities have become so much a part of my daily life (for the time being) that I find it redundant to title my posts after that anymore.

This is the kind of lifestyle/self-help material that I've been consuming recently:

  • Heal Your Living, an extreme minimalist on YouTube whose videos mostly have a very soothing effect on me and I always seem to feel like the world is a beautiful place after watching her videos even if I don't aspire to live like she does
  • The Minimalists podcast, but I think I'm done with that for now because I don't actually strive to be a minimalist, at least by their methods
  • The Life Coach School podcast, which is the one I've been listening to the longest and have been trying to do the work; just in the last episode that I listened to she called out people taking passive action (listening and learning) instead of massive action (actually doing something to change the status quo) and I may have been guilty of some passive action so... oop
  • Speaking of "the work", Byron Katie has this method that can be pretty mindblowing as it turns your thinking upside down, inside-out, opposite land. I'll share below an example of an exercise that I did
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