27 August 2014 @ 10:55 pm
Hello old friend, (LJ)

I was accepted into grad school, only I have to start my studies long distance because I'm not getting any kind of funding right now and so there's no point in me moving yet, unless I want to lose all my money on rent and food. lol

But my days are kind of like this now:
8am - wake up, catch up with the Internet for 15-20 minutes, stretch and exercise for 15-20 mins, have breakfast. (I have to do the exercise in the morning or I won't do it at all. Tested and proven true.)
9-9:30am - start doing research
around 12 - 1:30pm lunch, getting asked by mom to do random stuff (this may continue throughout the day, but oh well), possibly groceries
4-5pm - end research unless whatever my goal for the day was isn't finished yet; I was once typing till 7pm because I got interrupted so many times during the day. lol
After that, Skyrim and watching The Sopranos. :D Bed at midnight.

All my other hobbies have kind of taken a back seat. But it's ok.

It's kind of weird to have self-induced structure in my days, now. I've always tried this shit when I was unemployed etc... But never stuck to it because, I guess, what's the point? But now I have a mentor whom I need to continuously convince that my shit is good, and I'll have to convince even more people if I want financial support for my work. Nobody's telling me to wake up at 8am. I could still be lying in bed till 10am and getting out of my room at 11 and consider myself ready for life at noon. But it just feels proper to give this thing some respect. Also, I used to need to take naps every day, and I haven't taken a single nap since I started getting up at 8am. Weird, yet pretty amazing o-o

But I've only had this rhythm for like a week now and there were already times when I felt stress seeping in. I think it's because I was given three huge tasks to work on until my next Skype meeting with my mentor (which is tomorrow) so I felt the deadline coming closer and it annoyed me tremendously that I had to spend time sewing curtains shorter (cuz otherwise I would've had to listen to my mom whining about it and taking forever in doing it, which would have been even worse) and having to do other random stuff when I still felt I had so much left to do and I couldn't be in peace in my own room just focusing on it. It's almost like I forgot that I'm going to be working on this project for at least four years and don't have to do everything right away. But then earlier today I figured that I've worked hard and have managed to achieve quite a bit, as long as I can convince my mentor about my plan I've earned just a little breather. I guess now I just need to worry about being able to communicate my ideas effectively because I am a rather poor talker.

That feeling of being able to let go when I realized how much I had actually managed to do was pretty awesome. Of course, this is only a research plan so the actual work is only ahead of me, but one step at a time, ok? I had to re-do my entire research plan from scratch because I decided on a game and phenomenon that I'm going to be studying (as well as a possible methodology to use), while previously my plan was incredibly vague. And being able to do this meant I had to do a lot of research: find out if my idea was plausible, if anyone else had studied it before, or something similar, where in the world of academic research my study could be located, etc. It was a lot.

It's rather strange - I don't really think that much of myself generally, always thinking that others are smarter and wittier and more talented and charming etc. But when it comes to certain things, I think I expect a lot from myself. There's a certain standard. Like there's no way I could have joined that Skype meeting tomorrow knowing I haven't tried my best in working on the three given tasks, even if even my mentor admitted it was a lot to do. No, I want to know for myself that I've worked hard, even if it doesn't show in my actual presentation - I need to know it for myself.

But yeah, that's my life right now :3
16 June 2014 @ 05:50 pm
This is my epic review of current Hello! Project trainees. It has taken me about a week to put all aspects of it together (watching videos, listening to recordings, collecting pictures and editing them, writing and rewriting my evalutations after each step) so hell yeah I'm posting dis shit.

H!P trainees = girls training to debut one day as Japanese idols in Hello! Project, which is the umbrella term for groups produced by Tsunku and managed by Up Front. Also known as MY FAVS. Most of the trainees are very young and have a long way to becoming skilled enough to debut, but I've always enjoyed trying to guess which ones will play a part in H!P's future and also supporting them in an auntie manner. You know how in many talent shows, the audition part is the most entertaining part? Keeping an eye on H!P trainees is like witnessing a never-ending audition. And when they succeed, there's a feeling of pride and genuine joy.

In the process of making this post I've spent way more time learning about each trainee than I normally do, so I'm currently in a proud mama hen state of mind and my heart is bursting with love for these little puppies who just want to sing happy songs to everyone.

A complimentary popularity ranking based on YoutubeCollapse )

I gave the girls a ranking concerning looks and voice because it's more dynamic than just babbling about it. No ranking for dancing because I haven't seen enough of everyone to determine that, and I'm not really good at evaluating dancing, anyway. First, here is what I mean by my looks and voice rankings...

Top tier: Is cute enough to have already been featured in extra magazine photo shoots and/or is likely to be featured in such in the future; if she lacks in other skills, she could still debut in a group as a 'visual' member (like Akari Uemura of Juice=Juice) thanks to her strong look.
Great: Almost top tier and might become top tier in the future, very cute.
Good: Is cute, but that side of her isn't especially promoted (no extra magazine shoots etc.); would have to fight for attention with her talent or character when next to top tier looking girls.
Unordinary: Doesn't have a typical Japanese idol look or isn't what is traditionally considered cute in a Japanese idol; this can go either way when it comes to popularity (sometimes unconventional looking girls do really well and sometimes not), which is why I can't rank it as 'good' or 'bad'.

Here is the obligatory explanation of how most of even the best Japanese idol singers would not be considered 'good vocalists' in the West, so expectations are rather different and nobody is even pretending that any of these girls could rival belting singers like Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey. They are, however, still expected to convey the emotion and message of each song, hit notes and be pleasant to listen to.

Top tier: Is reliable and could vocally rival current leads of already established Hello! Project groups; maybe even has the potential to pass them.
Good: Mostly sings on tune and has a pleasant or unique voice, but has some polishing to do.
OK: Unstable, but obviously not tonedeaf, thus merely needs more practise and focus.
Trainwreck: Misses many notes, may even get completely off-key. Needs a whole lot of work done.

It's a bit of a boring choice, but I shall put the members in the same order that they are on the official Hello! Project site: the order of joining trainees + age. So the members I evaluate first have been around the longest and the ones near the bottom are newbies.

The trainees!Collapse )
12 February 2014 @ 02:52 pm
I played with some make-up today, so let's talk about make-up!

I've noticed that there are some things that I always hold on to with make-up these days, so I figured I'd think a little bit about where it all comes from. That I know of :3

1. Eyebrows. If you know how I look, you may or may not have noticed that I let my brows roam free.

Run, caterpillars! Run!

Well, I've always been rather lazy about tending to my brows (and used to think that Bjork, for example, looked amazing with her natural brows), but finally in 2008 I found a justification for this in Kpop. Even if Kpop idols have more groomed brows than me, filled in with make-up as well, they do tend to look rather thick and 'natural' in comparison to what I see on American TV shows or on Jpop idols. There's a lot about Kpop beauty that I don't like (plastic surgery, fillers, creepy strive for perfection, freckles and moles hidden, everyone having straight teeth and straight everything which ends up downplaying and destroying uniqueness), but this is one thing that I aesthetically like a lot. So basically, I guess I figured that since I like strong brows on others, I should also stick to keeping my own thick brows.

The rest...Collapse )
02 January 2014 @ 01:52 pm
A bit late this time... Oop

This year I went to Japan for the second time to stalk Morning Musume's spring concert tour. I was able to attend four Morning Musume concerts as well as a H!P kenshuusei event and a Juice=Juice 'high touch' event :3 Idols ♥ I went to both Tokyo and Osaka and it was quite awesome. Would consider doing the same thing again. The only bad thing is that my body was pretty nuts during most of the trip. I had no appetite, needed to sit down a lot feeling tired, eyes went dry and started to hurt etc. I ended up returning to my hotel room quite early each day. I also really started to grow tired of feeling like there were old Japanese men staring at me mistaking me for younger than I am. I'd really like to be able to chat with people closer to my age, ya know. Anyway, I also managed to meet Manamin, TDuck and fushi (T__T) during this trip, so that was great! I think I should give a special mention to Minoo where I went for a walk because that place was absolutely stunning. I LOVE TREES. I also loved the train ride to Kyoto, looking out the window.

It may also count as travels that I spent a month working in Saariselkä in December. Lapland isn't that new to me, living in Pello, but Saariselkä did look like winter wonderland all the time I was there while the rest of Finland was getting rain... So that was great. It felt a bit like going from Lapland to Lapland+++.

Hello! Project
Aha I've pretty much stopped following Berryz Kobo and C-ute, and only listen to S/mileage singles once or twice D: But Morning Musume and Juice=Juice (new unit!) I'm still very much down with. Momusu had an awesome year with their electronic sound and Juice=Juice is releasing sort of Tsunku retro songs, so they're refreshing to listen to with the disco vibes and whatnot. Totally LOVED seeing them gals live in spring and being able to see Reina before her graduation (she does shine on stage). I would pay myself sick over and over again for a chance to attend another concert or event. I love Morning Musume.

I think I've grown tired of 'perfection' and the obvious sexual objectification in Kpop MVs. There's nothing fresh about Kpop to me anymore. There were a few good and fun music releases: Brown Eyed Girls and IU of course, Ladies' Code seems like the best new group and Spica is always love. Lee Hi, too ♥ But most of it left me unimpressed and bored, both music and the videos. More than anything though, what a disappointment of a year when last year I felt things were becoming exciting musically and I was really looking forward to 2013! No no, just an utter disappointment.

But yeah. I'm tired of the 'perfect' styling, the perfect make-up and lighting, the same facial features and body type being idolized and how fucking predictable everything is. You would think that someone dyeing their hair bright red would be something to take note of, but Kpop has done it so much that it's just another Tuesday, now. Every girl group MV has the same dance moves of look at my butt and boobs, I can't even watch them anymore. I'm just utterly tired. I'll probably keep checking again this year for new releases that I might like, but the passion is pretty much gone.

I got my new fucking amazing computer at the beginning of this year. I haven't played that many demanding games, but everything does look prettier and work smoother so fuck yeah. I got into Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas this year. Dark and fun, lots of flying body parts. I still find Fallout:NV annoying at times, though, I just always feel that my weapons are useless. o-o So I haven't finished that one yet. I also started playing Skyrim 8) But I keep wanting to start a new game, which I definitely should not do because going through the same places again so soon is not a good idea. So I'm going to stick to my current khajiit mage for now... Yup. I also still did Left4Dead2 with fraaanns and rekindled interest in Terraria, as well. I haven't been playing Lord of the Rings Online as much because every time I play it it has to update and meh x'D Maybe this year.

And yes, I still play The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. Mah babies.

Holy crackwaffle I have watched so much this year.

I gave up on The Walking Dead and Homeland because I got tired of both, essentially. Well, tired of the characters. Can't watch a show if I don't love the characters, or at least love to hate them. I also decided not to watch the last season of Dexter because I read what happens and there's no way I'm going to waste time in witnessing that steaming pile of shit. LOL Sorry but there was exactly one reason why I stuck with that show even through rough patches and that one reason does not get the respect she deserves during the last season. I think Dexter should've died a long time ago and it would've been a better show.

I FINISHED WATCHING ALL OF ER! I'm still working on writing about my favourite characters haha. But yes, what a lovely show, my #3 all-time show and I still can't believe that it's actually over and I can't continue to see what's happening over there right now. Ahhh ahh nuts.

I lost a bit of interest in BWE and Mad Men (again), but still watched all of them of course. I guess I'll stick with them out of loyalty, but I don't see them cracking my all-time top 5 by the end.

I started watching Marvel's Agents of SHIELD for fun, and fun it has been... I see a lot of people dissing the show actually, but haha I like it! I like the characters, the show makes me giggle, but it also has drama and action - it's a nice hour of relaxation for me, a nice change of pace from the other shows I watch that can be quite drama filled.

I also love American Horror Story for disturbing fun. LOL It's just so over-the-top and amazing. But I actually do not like the main actress that everyone else thinks the show would die without. o-o She is actually TOO over-the-top for my tastes... Oh well!

I've been continuing Breaking Bad as well, which is just heart-breakingly brilliant at times. Started The Good Wife, which is great. Also started The Sopranos which I don't love yet and almost gave up on, but I think I'll keep watching it.

And this and that. OH! When it comes to reality TV... I know I had already given up on Big Brother as a format, but somehow I gave a chance to this year's season of Big Brother Australia and it was really good. Really really good. :3 It just left me with a good feeling instead of leaving me hating humanity, which is a nice change. Tim Dormer probably is the perfect Big Brother housemate. I also did watch Survivor this year.

All in all, a whole lot of television this year. But in return, I only saw about 5 movies all year. So I just spent no time on movies and all time on TV. LOL

Well, I had a job in winter-spring that was ok as a job, but because of my coworkers I ended up hating it. I felt so excluded that I actually bought a smart phone just so that I could use IRC at work to chat with friends because I felt so miserably alone there. Yeah. I'm supposed to go back to the same job now, but there should be different people now and I think I've gained more confidence from Saariselkä, so I'm hopeful that this time will be better.

After that I pretty much spent the summer trying to find some kind of a direction for my life. I hit some low points during this time, even after getting a part-time gig at a local motel receiving guests and cleaning - I just thought, is this what I went to university for? But what ended up saving me were I think two things... First, I was taking a web course called Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative which was about Tolkien and Lord of the Rings Online and gave me the inspiration to perhaps go to grad school and pursue a video game topic of my own. (I almost gave up on this idea as well, but I've since received a somewhat encouraging email from a professor and if all goes well, I might be able to hold on to my topic and get started on continuing The Ways Of Knowledge!) Second, I got a job at Saariselkä which gave me something to prepare for and ended up being a great experience from the POV of meeting new people who actually don't hate me and treat me with respect. And I had to challenge myself a lot and also was able to do a lot, so in the end, the experience was very rewarding.

I'm actually looking forward to what 2014 has to bring and have a vague plan of things I could do. I'm supposed to have a job ready to go at least until the end of April (as soon as I can get some papers in to be able to start), I have plans for grad school, and if all else fails, I can consider doing volunteer work abroad bwahaha. But mostly I'd like to become a professional nerd, I suppose.

So that was 2013...
13 September 2013 @ 01:18 pm
It really does get to me how year after year people really fudge up their Big Brother success by making some really bad decisions that are relatively easy to avoid. Some things are definitely out of your control; if the editors don't think you're a part of a storyline relevant to their interests, your fanbase will probably not get a chance to grow and so you don't really have a chance of winning. But let's ignore uncontrollable things and differences in personality and focus on things that can be planned and controlled to some extent.

I'm talking here about Big Brother in which the audience chooses who is evicted and who wins, not Big Brother US.

And I'm also writing this to someone who isn't trying to be the villain of the season, obviously. This is for someone who's trying to win by being a decent human being. lol

#1 Try to be an exaggerated version of yourself. Basically, do not act or pretend to be someone else; merely boost the traits and aspects about yourself that are already there and have most likely been seen by your friends and/or family in the past. Often when we're around strangers or semi-strangers and know we're being watched we hold back, but on Big Brother you ought to do the opposite and shamelessly be yourself. Bravely tell those stupid jokes, open up and speak up if something bothers you. This way you're not being fake, but are still being more interesting than you normally might be.

#2 Try to be a floater. There are many risks to belonging to a specific group or clique. First of all, if you choose the wrong group (the one that the audience views as the big bad), you are guilty by association and the audience will want you gone even if you are merely a back-up to the group, not the leader. It really baffles me how every time certain housemates want to belong to the 'power' group inside the house... When it's been shown over and over again that the public loves underdogs, not cocky power players. If you find yourself in the cool kids club, it's time to get worried. Being safe from being nominated doesn't mean anything if the moment you are up, the public doesn't want to save you. It's a very short-sighted strategy. Floaters tend do well as long as they don't get cocky. There have also been underdogs who have realized that all their opponents are leaving, causing them to get over-confident, which in turn makes the audience lose interest in supporting them. So... Try to be a floater (or underdog), but don't get cocky when it's working!

#3 Try not to talk crap about people behind their backs! It's impossible to avoid it completely, but it's a huge problem if you spend a significant amount of time doing it. No viewer likes a gutless person who stabs people in the back. If you need to rant, the diary room is the best place for that not only because you won't end up looking like you're trying to influence others, but also because if you do it in a funny way, it's almost guaranteed screen time. However, if you keep doing this and never actually confront anyone it might end up working against you. So do try to be honest with people if something's bothering you. Which leads us to...

#4 Try not to throw hissy fits and tantrums - and if you do, APOLOGIZE and say you could've handled it better! Most likely there will be conflicts in the house, and that's fine. It's not bad to be involved in an argument; what matters is what you do afterwards. Will you stubbornly claim it's all the other person's fault, or be able to reflect on your own actions? The audience respects a person who can take responsibility, deal with a conflict like a rational adult and doesn't hold grudges. If you DO hold a grudge and can't help it, at least make it clear that you are trying. Note that you don't need to become best friends with the person after, just establish some level of respect. If they don't return it, it reflects badly on them and not you.

#5 Never ever comment on another housemate's appearance in an insulting way. It's a cheap shot and it won't make you look good, no matter how detestable the person you're talking about is. Some super popular housemates have gotten away with it, yes, but never assume that your popularity is high enough.

#6 No fake showmances. Most of the audience can see straight through it. It's ok to get a bit of affection, but never pretend it's more than it is. And for god's sake, be straight with the other person about where the relationship is at because you do not want to be the one leading someone on. The public will hate you for it.

#7 Screen time is important, so get involved. Even if it's something you don't really care about or want to do - that can be used as a storyline, too. Whenever someone suggests something to do, remember you're not on vacation and join in! It's also great if you can suggest something to do yourself. Give the editors something to work with.

#8 Don't be racist/homophobic/transphobic/sexist, don't cheat on your significant other, you know - the things that should be obvious, but for some reason aren't for all.

#9 It's good to have a rival inside the house, but if you end up having one, do not make too venomous comments about the person and do not try to turn a group of people against them. You do not want that person to become the underdog because that means you are the head of the dragon that the public will want to slay.

That's all I can think of for now, but basically yeah. These are things that tend to bother me when people do them year after year even if they end up cutting people's time short inside the house. :D
I love TV shows and video games. They have completely slayed and buried movies as a form of entertainment for me, as I've only watched one movie this year. It's not that there aren't great movies... I just choose to spend my time and energy on these two media that really offer me what I'm after.

When it comes to television, I love witnessing the characters grow and learning to know the world and setting where the events are taking place. Ideally, each episode reveals something new about a character or furthers the main storyline. Noticed I said "or". Some of the best episodes on television I've seen are ones that have nothing to do with the main setting of the story, but focus on one of the characters from a different perspective. When badly done, these episodes feel like pure filler. When well done, they're the stories that really stay with you. Aren't some of the most memorable episodes of ER the ones that had at least a part of the main action happening outside the hospital?

I love becoming attached to characters and I love being sad if they are written out of the show. It means that the show has been successful in making me care.

I also love that television provides opportunities for such varied storytelling. When it comes to American TV, there's still a lot to complain about when it comes to presenting the country realistically (like how minorities can seem non-existent or ridiculously stereotypical), but from fantasy and science fiction settings to courtrooms, hospitals or a Chemistry teacher cooking meth... There are so many different stories to tell and television is able to take advantage of that. Movies can, as well, but movies are limited to a certain time limit, whereas television shows have entire seasons to complete story arcs.

Of course, extended time can also hurt the story. Many shows could profit from the show runners having the freedom to decide exactly how many seasons the show is going to run so that there is a plan for each season and how the story is going to end. Instead, we have the problem of filler episodes or even filler seasons when the makers themselves are unsure of how long the story will have to go on until the grand finale, having to come up with new storylines that aren't necessarily best for the show. (Lost comes to mind.) I think this is also part of the reason why television still has trouble reaching the same respect that movies do. It's difficult to plan a dynamic and complete work when you may have to add extra content between the core pieces. However, there are also shows that could, in theory, continue forever (see: ER), so this isn't the case for every show on television.

So, I suppose I have a love-hate relationship with American television. British television, for instance, has shorter seasons and provides the opportunity to release only one season of a show without it being considered a failure. Even there some shows feel like they are being dragged on unnecessarily (Downton Abbey) and some shows have a long lasting legacy (Doctor Who), but generally British television could be the perfect option to someone who feels movies are too short and American TV shows are too long. But I still end up watching all the American shows... And I suppose it's worth a mention that cable channels are releasing shorter season shows on the states side.

So, I love television for the extended time to spend with the story and characters as well as the variety in stories being told. How about video games?

The biggest difference between television and video games is that video games are interactive. You don't watch things happen to someone else; you experience things happening to your character. When I beat a tough battle in a video game I don't think "whoa, Commander Shepard is so boss!". I think "HELL YEAH! WHO'S THE BOSS! I'M THE BOSS!" You become a part of the story, even if following a linear storyline. When the game is an open world role playing game where your decisions have weight on how other characters view you and what kind of actions are even possible for you to make, the story becomes even more immersing. There are questlines where you may choose between killing an innocent person, persuading them or perhaps pick-pocketing them to complete the objective. And if you happen to later realize that a character didn't need to die for you to complete a quest, yet that's what happened... At least I feel stupid and disappointed and like I failed the quest, even if I was able to complete it. It's not just about the character's morality. It's also about deciding how far you're willing to take your character for a bit of gold and experience points. Of course, if you decide to play a villain, then killing innocent folk in the game is in character.

Admittedly, many video games don't even touch on this type of moral questioning and sometimes as a result of the game's linearity it's not properly possible. I also find it a failed tactic if a game blames you for violence, yet doesn't offer the option to do things differently. There are, however, games that offer options and I find them particularly rewarding. Solving a hostile situation by reasoning? There is nothing more badass than that.

Moreover, the world creation that takes place in video game production can be incredibly impressive. Creating entirely new histories to the human race (and others!), new technologies, ecosystems, belief systems, balances between natural and supernatural... These wonderfully detailed video game environments don't really get the praise they deserve considering the effort put in. In video games a story doesn't merely have to take place in a setting, but the setting can be a part of the story. You're not merely on a stroll in a garden, but you can choose to pick flowers and use them to make a potion, or if the garden is owned, you can make the decision to steal something. You make the story (at least parts of it) and the setting is a part of the story.

Video games can also have long, steadily progressing stories the same way that television series can. 15 hours isn't considered long for a linear video game; non-linear RPGs often provide 40+ hours worth content and some players can make a game last for over a 100 hours. (I have 155 hours on Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition.) How long it takes one to complete a non-linear game depends on how many sidequests she is willing to do, if she's interested in collecting every possible rare item, how much she wants to explore and if she is willing to use fast travel options, among other things. Once you start counting in several playthroughs of the same game with possibly the same main story, but a different angle... A game like Skyrim could offer entertainment for hundreds of hours.

So, I love video games because they give me a chance to be the hero or anti-hero and immerse myself in an epic story which I am both the beginning and the end of. As with television series, there are several different worlds and settings available, further expanded by mods created by the gaming community. Watching a television series or playing a game is a process, not a completion in a single sitting. I love the journey which also makes the ending that much more satisfying.
05 July 2013 @ 02:41 pm
Hey, I finished the first week of my planned TV watching - well, aside from Sunday because Internet was down (or rather, the USB slot I have connected to Internet stopped working and I only found out the next morning). So this means I didn't get to start The Sopranos or continue Battlestar Galactica.

All the new shows seemed very good in their own way (Nikita, Rectify, The Good Wife and Wentworth). It's a bit weird to start so many shows at once - is it possible to get attached to so many new characters in such a short span of time? But at least so far it's been fine.

Nikita is obviously more action-packed than pretty much any other show I'm watching now. I like that there appear to be many strong female characters; that already makes the show more interesting for me to watch than a penis comparing battle. I've also always been a sucker for this premise of training young folks to be, essentially, killing machines - and then someone trying to bring the system down. It creates a setting for an anti-hero whose goals are somewhat admirable and understandable, but there is no way to achieve the goal without harming innocent people in the process (at least I don't see how one could). Anyway, the show is entertaining, will keep watching, etc.

Rectify is different from Nikita in that its premise actually isn't very interesting to me. This guy has been in prison (death row) for 20 years for a crime he supposedly didn't commit, then returns to his family and things are awkward. This show will have to rely heavily on the characters' ability to draw the viewer in. I really like the main character's sister and brother, and while I'm kind of on the fence about the mother, I think the actress is doing a great job. We'll see how the show progresses.

The Good Wife is the only show where I quickly felt for and started rooting for the main character. A strong pilot episode indeed. It's been forever since I last watched a courtroom drama, too, so it almost feels fresh again (of course, I've bumped into it in movies and other TV shows regularly even if I haven't been watching actual genre stuff).

Wentworth is an interesting one because it starts sort of showing all the stereotypical sides of a women's prison (weirdos, lesbians, rude fucks), then moves on to flipping that on its head (not all of them are weirdos or rude fucks! One of them has a kid!) and then it gets kind of stereotypical again (violence! shit is serious you guys!). The poor main character gets thrown from one shitty situation to the next. But hey, it was entertaining. Time for episode two later today.

And of the shows I'm continuing... Mad Men is strange in that I have to force myself to watch it these days, but once I start watching it's not bad. I blame Don Draper for making me not want to particularly watch it. He just never changes and it's so boring to me. Next, I finished Breaking Bad's first season and I'd forgotten how much dark humour it has. It just gets so absurd at times that all you can do is laugh. I'll definitely want to have more of this attitude when I start season 2. Dexter, it's sad, but it's almost like I'm only watching it out of loyalty now. The problem is the character Dexter. At this point I'd probably rather watch 48 minutes of Deb ♥ ranting about laundry detergent than bother with more Dexter problems. But I'm determined to watch all of this since I've made it so far and there's only one season coming... Ah and Fringe, it feels a little weird because I'm at a point where there is no OurLivia (only makes sense if you watch Fringe) and I am in love with OurLivia, ack. But hey yeah. I'm curious to eventually see how they wrapped up this story.

Damn, that got much longer than intended.
03 July 2013 @ 12:34 pm
So apparently my "tomorrow" is "3 months later". Well, here I'm posting the second part of my Morning Musume single ranking, anyway. Better late than never?

10. Wakuteka Take A Chance - 2012

This is my favourite of the current era songs probably because of its ever changing nature. The bridge consists of four different parts, how often do you see that in a pop song? The parts also flow smoothly from one to the next, which is not easily achieved. The end result is a song that never really gets boring because it's constantly alive, building up to the next climax. Again there are some bot voice effects that I don't care much for, but that's the only issue I have here.

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28 June 2013 @ 12:32 pm
I have an endless list of TV series that I've been meaning to watch. And every year, there are more shows that get added to the list when people recommend them. So, let's get some PLANS up in here so I can finally get moving forward haha.

First of all, the shows I've been watching, but fell off somewhere and need to finish catching up with, aka first priority:
ER (been watching this for the past few years starting from ep 1, and I'm now at season 13 ^^)
Mad Men

The shows I've started watching, but paused after a few episodes, aka second priority:
Breaking Bad
Battlestar Galactica

Then the shows that otherwise feel like ones I should prioritize:
The Sopranos - considered the best TV show by many; not having seen this feels almost criminal
Nikita - It would probably be totally different from any other show I'm watching actionwise, also people who watch it LOVE it
The Good Wife - I really really want to finally start watching this, goddamnit
Wentworth - a new Australian show about a women's prison; feels like a priority because it's new and only 9 episodes so far, so I could quickly catch up. One of my favourite TV shows ever (Bad Girls) was set in a British women's prison, that's why this stood out instantly in recommendations
Rectify - The show is new and I heard it's very good and emotionally torturing, so I should at least check out the pilot soon

Fourth priority:
Southland - someone said it's the best cop show since The Wire, so it tickles my wiggles
Six Feet Under - I remember watching this on and off in my teens; seemed like a unique show
Band of Brothers

Last priority, shows that have been praised a lot, but I don't know much about:
Friday Night Lights
Babylon 5
The Tudors
Dead Like Me
Orphan Black (new show)

Man I have a feeling there are still shows missing from here, too. ANYWAY. I can do this. I made a schedule and once I've caught up with some shows, I can fill up their slots with new ones. Hopefully. Rrraawwwrrr